Publications under this classification are produced in single titles on food technology. The contents are meant for usage by extension agents, entrepreneurs and also interested members of the public. There are 2 series under this group. Maklumat Teknologi Makanan and Siri Panduan untuk Usahawan / Model Perusahaan Makanan are on food technology and written in Bahasa Melayu and English.

Maklumat Teknologi Makanan is a series consisting of single articles on various aspcets of food hygiene, canning and food science.

Siri Panduan Untuk Usahawan / Model Perusahaan Makan give detail know-how on the processing of the various food products. The information includes raw materials uded, cost of production, marketing and management aspects of the food production. Description of the process, well illustrated with flow-chart, and plans for setting up an industry are also included.

There are now 54 titles covering various products under Siri Panduan Untuk Usahawan and 5 titles for Moel Perusahaan Makanan.

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