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The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) was established under the MARDI ACT (1969) to function as a central, integrated organization to undertake agricultural research (except rubber, oil palm and cocoa) geared toward the development of locally adapted technology to serve the agro-based industries and farming community.

One of the Institute's primary objectives is to serve as a centre for collection and dissemination of information and advice on scientific, technical and economic matters concerning the agricultural industry including publication of reports, periodicals and papers relating thereto. publishes a wide range of publications which can be classified into Scientific Serial Pubication, Book & Monographs, Advisory Serial Publication and General Publication.

Publication & Printing Programme
Technical Services Centre
MARDI Headquarters
Persiaran MARDI-UPM
43400 Serdang,

Tel: +603-8943 7128 / 7557 / 7226
Fax: +603-8943 1654 / 8948 / 7630